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As the cricket season has drawn to a close, on behalf of my beloved cricket club, Booth Cricket Club, I would like to thank Five Wealth for sponsoring the club this year. Situated in the hills of Halifax, you would have thought that Five Wealth might have thought twice about sponsoring a team from the other side of the Pennines, as we participated in another year of Halifax premier division cricket.

Booth has been a very successful cricket club of late winning 9 trophies since the 2016 season, across both first and second teams. But like many families and businesses, the impact of COVID-19 on sports teams over the past two years has been tremendous both on and off the field, with finances hard to come by and players moving on to pastures new with their newly discovered free time.

Our mission as a cricket club was to renovate and update our pavilion which had remained relatively unchanged since the 1970s. Thanks partly to Five Wealth’s donation, we have managed to fund some renovations to the outside of the building, to bring it into the modern day. Five Wealth’s generosity was remembered as the business logo sat proudly across our ground for every home game this year. All donations and sponsorships are important as we look to sustain our long history and heritage.

As for results, both first and second teams ended the season with ‘what could have been’ thoughts echoing around the club after the final games of the season. Following a very poor and unexpected start, the first team found themselves struggling in the first half of the season, sitting in 8th place (out of 12), but managed to turn the form around to finish a respectable 4th. A T20 finals day appearance also made our calendar, but ultimately fell short in the final after hoping to retain the trophy. As for the second team, we finished our season in 6th, a slightly disappointing result considering we felt we were in a title race with 5 games to go. On a personal level, my season with the seconds was fairly successful, ending with c. 587 runs from 20 innings – good enough for 4th top run scorer in the league.

The possibility of Five Wealth sponsoring my second home has made me feel very appreciative. I believe that this act of support shows the company’s ethos and how they treat both employees and clients.

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November 22, 2022 Post by Stephen Jordan
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