New starters at Five Wealth

We’re pleased to announce two new starters at Five Wealth; Aidan France and Sam Sharkey – who have just joined the company in certainly the strangest time since inception. Dr Aidan (to give him his full title) has joined as a trainee Financial Planner fresh from his PhD in Analytical Chemistry and a change of career into financial services. Sam has recently completed a degree in Accounting and Finance and joins as part of our graduate programme.

Ordinarily we’d have the obligatory photo in front of the company logo/in the boardroom but this year has been very different for everyone. Aidan’s first week was essentially week 1 of lockdown, Sam has been through the full graduate interview and his first few weeks of work entirely remotely – hence the Teams screenshot image!

Here are a few words from our newest team members about themselves and their recent experience of starting work in the current climate…


I suppose I’ve taken a rather strange route into the field of personal finance. During my doctoral studies in Analytical Chemistry, I found myself drawn more to reading about economics and psychology than science. After listening to my inner compass and the kind advice of a friend in the field, I thought that Wealth Management might be the career for me. With this in mind, I sought to find a nurturing environment where collaboration was prized over competition and open, honest communication was employed to foster the idea-meritocracy I desired to be a part of. Five Wealth were kind enough to provide me with that opportunity.

The transition from academia to finance was going smoothly until the world turned upside-down shortly after I started. COVID-19, the first global pandemic in just over 100 years, led me to learning the ins-and-outs of my new role sat in my pyjamas (well, the bottoms), in a little flat in Manchester. The sudden economic and personal “volatility” that ensued would have been daunting if it wasn’t for the adaptability shown by my new colleagues and Five as a whole. It has been in large part due to their generosity and support that I managed to get through my first few weeks unscathed. Fast forward a few months and I’m getting to grips with the nuances of the role, prepping to take my first exams and growing in confidence, albeit still spending most of my working day, like most of the British public, in my pyjamas.


“I am a keen sportsman, regularly playing both football and cricket for local teams at the weekend. I also love travelling having worked at an American Summer Camp for the last two years and also travelled around Australia for 8 months.

I was interested in financial services whilst studying Accounting and Finance at University. I found the Taxation unit incredibly interesting and enjoyed how pragmatic it is in everyday life.

I found the interview process much more comforting as I was able to do it from my own home. The process ran smoothly and although I was not able to find whether I was successful straight away, it was good to know I was always notified promptly if I was successful in the specific stage. Throughout the interview stage it was noticeable the ethos which the company promotes both internally and externally, and I felt that securing the job meant I was incredibly lucky to be successful and working for a flourishing company and team.

Working from home has been no different from what I imagine it to be like working in the office. First day nerves were pretty much removed as I found it easier meeting people in stages rather than everyone straight away. All the staff have been incredibly helpful with knowledge and any questions that I may ask. Training sessions have also been surprisingly practical due to the technology in place, making me adapt a lot quicker than anticipated. It has made me proud the fact that I have come in and contributed quickly to client work within the first week, and I cannot thank all the staff enough for the welcome and support which I have received.”


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August 3, 2020 Post by Stephen Jordan
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